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The 21st century is a wonderful but complicated time to be a young woman.  From access to higher education and advances in gender equality to the innovation of social media and limitless travel destinations, no twenty-two-year-old woman has ever had more options before her than the college graduate of today. And yet, even with the world at her feet, she often has more questions than answers, more pressures than prospects, and more disenchantment than direction.

Stepping into this glaring disconnect, author Allison Trowbridge offers her first book, Twenty-Two: Letters to a Young Woman Searching for Meaning (Nelson Books | ISBN: 9780718078164), set to release April 4, 2017.  This narrative nonfiction work contains a series of personal letters that marries true life experiences and advice with the fictional life of the recipient, Ashley, a young woman looking for mentorship from someone one step ahead in life. The letters are sent every other month during Ash’s college experience, and address a wide range of relevant topics while tying into universal themes such as identity, the value of the journey, social impact as a lifestyle, and wisdom in the ordinary moments.

Throughout the pages of this unique book, Trowbridge subtly weaves in today’s most pressing social issues—from poverty in our neighborhoods to human trafficking across the globe—inspiring a greater sense of mission in both Ash and the reader, while also addressing the everyday struggles women in their teens and early twenties face such as break ups, peer pressure, and trying to land that dream job.

Young women need this book. All women need this book,” praised Kirsten Haglund, television commentator and Miss America 2008.

But Twenty-Two is not a how-to book for girls coming of age, because a field guide could never capture the complexities of this season. Rather, it is a deeply personal narrative about friendship, heartbreak, and hope that will inspire young women from a wide variety of backgrounds to live fully in their own remarkable journeys today.

“Allison is the ideal role model for girls of this generation,” said Caitlyn Crosby Benward, founder and CEO of the Giving Keys. “Every parent of girls should encourage their daughters to read it.”

Twenty-Two is a book that speaks to millennial women, a generation hungry for a bigger life story yet uncertain about how to get there.

“A young woman, especially in the West, has never had more before her than the girl of today. Ours is an era of options, opportunities, and endless public opinions on how we ought to live,” Trowbridge writes. “I think our generation is caving under the many and, dare I say, unrealistic pressures of this brave new world. This is the book I so desperately wanted to read when I was twenty-two.”


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Praise for Twenty-Two

“Allison is a good friend of mine. She knows about life and love and joy and compassion and friendship. These aren’t just a collection of letters, they are a series of invitations for you to see yourself more accurately, more compassionately, and more joyfully…. It’s a long conversation with a trusted friend.”

Bob Goff, New York Times bestselling author of Love Does

“Allison’s wisdom and kindness shine through in every word of these letters. Twenty-Two is a fantastic source of encouragement and confidence for women of all ages, especially those moving through the college years.”

Betsy Miller & Donald Miller, New York Times
bestselling author of Blue Like Jazz and Scary Close

“If I could speak to the younger me, I would have nothing to say. I’d just slap her with this book.”

Jeannie Mai, television personality and style expert

Young women need this book. All women need this book. With clarity, depth, and vulnerability, Allison writes an impressive tome on mentorship, faith, personal discovery, and becoming. A refreshing and much-needed perspective on womanhood that allows for all things rather than constricting the feminine to a set of expectations.”

Kirsten Haglund, Miss America 2008, national television political
commentator, host, and women’s health advocate

“Allison is the ideal role model for girls of this generation. Her inspiration, faith-filled point of view, intellect, and wisdom shine through in this book so much so that every parent of girls should encourage their daughters to read it. Allison practices what she preaches and leads by example. She’s the real deal.”

Caitlin Crosby Benward, founder and CEO of the Giving Keys

“Plato believed that the stories the young first encounter should be models of virtue. Sadly, many modern books are empty wrappers of thought-candy that stimulate our brains but cannot sustain our hunger for substance. In the midst of such a moment, Allison Trowbridge offers a book of plummeting depth that still manages to both dazzle and captivate. Twenty-Two is a timeless guide to life and love, grief, and celebration that lunges at you with both the spirit of Plato and flashes of uncommon wisdom. If you’re a young woman—or young man, actually—you cannot afford to miss this book.”

Jonathan Merritt, contributing writer for the Atlantic
and author of Learning to Speak God from Scratch

“During the formative years of our early twenties, we search for wisdom, direction, and the heart of a trusted friend. Allison’s is the voice of a familiar sister and you’ll feel loved by every page.”

Sarah Dubbeldam, editor-in-chief of Darling magazine

Twenty-Two is a stunning read. Page after page I found it to be insightful, hopeful, and spoken from a heart of love. I will be buying this book for my little sisters and the young women I mentor and love. I wish I had this book at twenty-two, yet it’s a book that’s never too late to read.”

Esther Fleece, speaker and author of No More Faking Fine

“Our generation has never been in greater need of strong women to guide the conversation of female empowerment within faith communities. Trowbridge finds the balance between boldness and grace, stirring bravery within the heart of any young woman. After reading Twenty-Two, I’m reminded that being twenty-four is a time for trust and adventure!”

Moriah Peters, recording artist

“I love this book! Allie’s writing pulls you in, makes you part of her world with great stories and sobering truths. It’s inspiring and encouraging and an invitation to live big.  Allie is the friend and mentor you wish you had in college, and reading Twenty-Two is like a walk on the beach or an afternoon at a café with her. This book is timeless and lovely and will steal your heart. You need this!”

Kate Merrick, author of And Still She Laughs