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I am so excited to share a sneak peek of the book with all of you! Here is the introduction for Twenty-Two:

“It was late in the spring of senior year, and my world was charging toward a new upheaval: college graduation. One warm evening, the night alive with uncertainty and expectation, my roommate and I drove home and parked the car outside our apartment. We leaned the seats back to gaze at the sky and stayed there talking till dawn, dreaming about years yet to unfold and laughing over memories until our faces hurt.

As we stared into the starry abyss of our future, we wondered if we were really prepared to face all the changes that lay before us. “I wish there was a book that spoke to all the questions and pressures and hopes we have in this season of life,” I sighed. “We need that kind of guidance, and nothing like it exists.”

We were silent for a moment, then I added, “Maybe I’ll write that book someday.”

In the years after graduation, life got busy. And in the process I gained a little more of the wisdom I wished I’d had that night at twenty-two. I went on to help shape a social movement and build an anti-slavery organization, then became a partner in an impact fund, where we incubated and invested in social enterprises to generate sustainable change. I had the chance to travel across the globe and build relationships with some of the most influential leaders of today.

Through it all, my heart for young women and belief in their power to impact the world only amplified. Then one morning during a business trip in London, I awoke jet- lagged at dawn with the concept of Twenty- Two resounding in my mind. The book would not be a traditional compilation of advice and opinions like I’d once imagined: it would be a relationship. A relationship between the real me and a fictional character who represents all the young women I’ve ever met or mentored along the way. It would be a correspondence that spoke to all the deepest life questions we almost uniformly possessed. I envisioned a friendship that would resonate with any young woman in the midst of her own journey. A journey that is, in itself, the destination.

What follows is the book conceived after my college night of dreaming. This is the book I so desperately wanted to read when I was twenty- two.”






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